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Woman with a smiling horse

We might be biased, but the equestrian industry really is a fantastic community to be a part of. Though, not everyone understands just how dedicated we really are and there are some things that only horse owners and true equestrians will understand.

Whether it’s naughty horse behaviour – rug wreckers we’re looking at you – or those oddly satisfying mucking out moments, this is our world and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Here are our favourites…


1. That sinking feeling when your horse rolls in dirt –  after you’ve just cleaned them

grey horse galloping gif

This is particularly annoying the afternoon before an event. So you’ve spent those previous hours making your horse look splendid and in just one roll, all of your hard work is ruined.


2. The fact you actually enjoy the pungent aroma that is stable / yard smell

horse with broom in mouth gifThat heady mix of leather, fresh hay, manure and horse. For us, it smells even nicer than any luxury perfume.


3. It’s inevitable – When you ride, you fallhorse rider falling off horse gif

After some time, as a horse rider, you will be both strategic and creative when trying not to fall off your horse. Here at Country & Stable, we even have some tips for recovering from a fall from your horse.


4. But being a horse owner comes with its perks – there’s the seriously satisfying activity of hoof picking

applauding woman gif

Because who doesn’t love picking a compressed disc of dirt and manure from your horse’s shoe? It’s even more delightful when the debris all comes out in one solid piece, all with just one flick of the hoof pick.  


5. And the truly exhilarating feeling of riding through nature

person riding horse through field

Whether it’s a balmy summer’s afternoon or a crisp, bright winter’s day, there’s nothing better than fresh air in your lungs and the breeze running through your hair as your trot (or canter) through the countryside.


6. However, there are those occasions when your horse just won’t obey
Horse refusing to get into trailer

We’ve all been there, it’s been a long day at an equestrian event and your horse outright refuses to walk into their trailer. Deadlock resumes and you just have to wait it out….or bribe.

7. When you end up looking like one of your horses during shedding season
Horse eating wig off a woman's head

So. Much. Hair. Enough for us to make a wig 5 times over.


8. The joy of always having a comfy seat
woman trotting on a horse

Sure, some people have their favourite chair, so do we, it’s that comforting feeling when you mount your horse and settle into a nicely broken in saddle. Bliss.

9. We love having our own language and phrases that our friends just can’t believe

shocked and exasperated woman

Your non-horsey friend will never understand what we mean when we say: ‘You just have to get your legs on’ or ‘Did you know it’s so much better with whips and spurs.’


10. But above all else – horses are the greatest companions in the world

woman and horse bonding

Need we say anything else?


Have we missed anything?  Let us know in the comments!

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