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Horse being fed a red apple
By Country and Stable

What NOT To Feed Your Horse [Infographic]

Diet is incredibly important for horses, but they can’t just eat anything. They have complicated digestive systems, and what might be fine for us humans to eat may actually poison your horse. It’s also not...
Horse with fly mask
By Country and Stable

How To Choose The Best Fly Masks And Sheets – Buying Guide

Unlike humans, running around frantically with their fly swatters, horses do have a pretty handy natural fly swatter at their disposal: their tail. Though, as riders will know all too well, when the heat...
By Country and Stable

A Guide to the Different Types of Horse Allergies

If you suffer from any kind of allergies, then you’ll know how annoying they can be. Well it’s not just us who can suffer from them, our horses can too – and of course...
girl smiles at her chestnut horse
By Country and Stable

10 Things Only True Equestrians Understand

We might be biased, but the equestrian industry really is a fantastic community to be a part of. Though, not everyone understands just how dedicated we really are and there are some things that...
Vet examining a horse's teeth
By Country and Stable

How to perform routine health checks on your horse

It can be difficult to know if your horse is feeling unwell. It may be that they do not show any outward signs of distress, but often you can tell they are not feeling...
Le Mieux equestrian products
By Country and Stable

Brand Spotlight: The Best Le Mieux Equestrian Equipment

Le Mieux describe themselves as producers of the finest equestrian products in the UK, and while there are a lot of other excellent brands out there, we’d struggle to argue with them! Their product...
Two horses eating hay in winter
By Country and Stable

How To Feed Your Horse Over Winter

While spending time outside on a beautifully crisp winter’s day with our horses is a wonderful thing, the colder months do bring various challenges and dangers that aren’t present throughout the rest of the...
Saddle pad on a horse's back under a saddle
By Country and Stable

How To Choose A Saddle Pad – Buying Guide

The amount of equestrian gear we need for our horses can sometimes get a bit overwhelming (admit it, you love buying new tack), but one very important item that should be high on your...
Pet safety and fireworks
By Country and Stable

How To Look After Your Pets This Firework Season

Everyone loves fireworks, but this is not always so for our beloved pets; many can have a fear of the loud noises that go hand-in-hand with the festivities and celebrations this time of year....
Horse wearing a horse rug to keep warm
By Country and Stable

What are the Different Types of Horse Rug?

When it comes to buying a horse rug, you may initially think it’s a case of choosing the right size, picking a design you like, and away you go. However, in reality, it’s a...