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Rambo rug trade in
By Country and Stable


Exciting news! Rambo Turnout Trade-in is back for another year at Country & Stable! Here is your chance to own a Rambo turnout. Country & Stable have teamed up with Horseware Ireland to offer...
Rider falling off a horse
By Country and Stable

Tips For Recovering From A Fall Off Your Horse

There’s no way to sugarcoat it – horse riding can be dangerous. If you speak to anyone who’s been riding for a decent length of time, they’ll probably regale many tales of falling off...
Le Mieux
By Country and Stable

Brand Spotlight: The Best Le Mieux Equestrian Equipment

Le Mieux describe themselves as producers of the finest equestrian products in the UK, and while there are a lot of other excellent brands out there, we’d struggle to argue with them! Their product...
Saddle pad on a horse's back under a saddle
By Country and Stable

How To Choose A Saddle Pad – Buying Guide

The amount of equestrian gear we need for our horses can sometimes get a bit overwhelming (admit it, you love buying new tack), but one very important item that should be high on your...
Horse wearing a horse rug to keep warm
By Country and Stable

What are the Different Types of Horse Rug?

When it comes to buying a horse rug, you may initially think it’s a case of choosing the right size, picking a design you like, and away you go. However, in reality, it’s a...
Dirty riding boots that need cleaning
By Country and Stable

How To Clean & Take Care Of Your Riding Boots

If you’re spending money on a good quality pair of riding boots, then of course you want to keep them looking and performing in tip top condition for as long as possible. That’s going...
Little girl hugging her first horse
By Country and Stable

Tips For Buying Your First Horse (Or One For Your Kids)

So you’re thinking of taking the plunge and buying your first horse. Is it for yourself or for your children? Either way, it’s a hugely exciting time and one that will undoubtedly enrich your...
Women's country clothing
By Country and Stable

The Finest Women’s Country Clothing for Autumn 2017

Here at Country & Stable we understand that as the chillier weather comes round our customers need to have a great selection of autumn clothing. We’ve got an array of women’s jackets and coats...
horse riding on the road
By Country and Stable

Top Safety Tips When Horse Riding On The Road

Whether you’re riding on a main road or a country lane, horses and their riders are amongst the most vulnerable road users. On occasions where it may be necessary to ride your horse on...
Horse trainer wearing Ariat clothing leading a horse
By Country and Stable

Spotlight: Ariat Horse Riding Boots & Clothing

When you’re thinking of what top quality equestrian clothing to add to your wardrobe, Ariat is one of the first names that pops into your head – and if it doesn’t, then it’s about...