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Here at Country & Stable we’re never shy of celebrating the royals, and The Queen’s (official) birthday this year seemed like the perfect opportunity to appreciate her incredibly rich and varied life.

What we decided to do was build a part of our website where you can enter your age (or any age you like) to find out what The Queen was doing at that age. You can take a look at it simply by clicking the link below:

It’s full of fascinating facts that you’ll be unable to uncover as you browse through it.

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II first met her husband-to-be, Prince Philip, at the tender age of 8?

Queen Aged 8

At the age of 15 she appeared in her first pantomime, Cinderella, alongside her sister, Princess Margaret.

Queen Aged 15

It wasn’t until the age of 49 when she sent her first email, and it was 67 when she fired her first machine gun at a shooting centre in Surrey.

Queen Aged 49

She also met Marilyn Monroe aged 30, dined with John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy at Buckingham Palace when she was 35 and had an encounter with Mother Teresa at the age of 57.

Queen Aged 30

It’s fair to say she has had an incredible life, and it’s really interesting to be able to see what she has achieved and experienced across each year of her life…or we like to think it’s interesting anyway!

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A big thank you to Scott & Susan at Unofficial Royalty for their help on fact checking.