Bucas Rugs

With over three decades of experience in crafting fully waterproof turnouts, Bucas are a staple brand when it comes to offering reliable, top quality rugs and blankets. Bucas horse rugs are world-renowned for their “Stay-dry” lining, which on top of providing a breathable cover for your horse also wicks away sweat and excess moisture - yet, miraculously, the lining still manages to remain dry.

At Country & Stable we’re proud to offer a varied selection of Bucas rugs, which come in a range of filling weights, fetching colours, and even extended full neck features - all of which work to ensure stylish and sturdy top-to-tail protection.

Take advantage of the elegant nylon lining and secure cross surcingles today and buy Bucas horse blankets for your horse at Country & Stable - also receive free UK delivery on all orders over £50!

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  1. Zebra Stripe
    Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Full Neck
    As low as £89.95
  2. Silver
    Bucas Sun Shower Turnout Rug
    As low as £80.95
  3. White/Zebra
    Bucas Buzz Off Rain Zebra Full Neck
    As low as £112.95
  4. Navy
    Bucas Freedom Turnout Light Full Neck
    As low as £85.95
  5. Paradise
    Bucas Freedom Turnout Light
    As low as £74.95
  6. Black/Gold
    Bucas Irish Turnout Combi Neck 50g
    As low as £44.95
  7. Red
    Bucas Smartex Combi Neck 300g
    As low as £80.95
  8. Purple
    Bucas Pony Freedom Turnout 150g
    As low as £62.95
  9. Purple
    Bucas Freedom Full Neck Turnout 150/150g
    As low as £89.95
  10. Navy/Silver
    Bucas Freedom Turnout High Neck 150g
    As low as £76.95
  11. Navy/Gold
    Bucas Irish Turnout Light 50g High Neck
    As low as £98.95
  12. Blue
    Bucas Smartex Combi Neck
    As low as £67.95

Items 1-12 of 26

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