Horseware Ireland Boots & Bandages

The rough and tumble of riding can take its toll on your horse, as there’s a whole range of activities that can strain key ligatures in their legs - exactly why Horseware boots and bandages are among riders’ staple pieces of tack.

Horseware Ireland crafted their horse boots with a clear purpose in mind: to help circulation and blood flow while rapidly speeding up the healing process. For miracle all-purpose boots, then the Horseware Ice Vibe boots excel in their field: their cold pack soothes inflammation and the subtle vibrations remove waste and toxins - making them ideal for both horses in rehabilitation, or simply for that extra boost while out in the field.

So treat your horse to superior leg protection today, and buy our range of Horseware bandages and horse boots - there’s even FREE delivery on orders over £50!

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  1. Black
    Horseware Amigo Tendon Boots
    As low as £31.95
  2. Silver/Black
    Horseware Rambo Reflective Night Rider Boots
    As low as £19.20 Regular Price £24.00
  3. Charcoal/Silver
    Horseware Rambo Travel Boots
    As low as £72.00 Regular Price £96.00
  4. Black/Aqua
    Horseware ICE VIBE Boots
    As low as £229.95
  5. Atlantic Blue
    Horseware Amigo Travel Boots
    As low as £75.95

6 Items

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