Horseware Ireland Rugs

Horseware Ireland rugs were created when the brand successfully set out to produce a horse rug that was waterproof, non-slip and breathable. The resulting products have since become coveted in the horse riding community, and horse owners everywhere swear by a high quality Horseware Ireland rug. Each product is rigorously tried and tested, so the finished product is one you can trust.

Committed to revolutionising the horse rug industry, Horseware Ireland have created their own brands for different rug durability and price ranges. Discover our collection, from the most affordable Mio range, up to the tougher Amigo range, up to the even tougher Rhino range, all the way up to the most durable Rambo range.

At Country & Stable, you’ll find the perfect Horseware stable rug, turnout rug or rug liner, depending on what you need for your horse, all year round. Receive free UK delivery on all orders over £50.

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  1. Horseware Rambo Hoody Fly Rug - Ice Green
    Horseware Rambo Hoody Fly Rug
    As low as £123.95
  2. Horseware Amigo Bug Rug - Silver/Purple/Mint
    Horseware Amigo Bug Rug
    As low as £71.95
  3. Horseware Rambo Camouflage Dog Rug - Mix/Green
    Horseware Rambo Camouflage Dog Rug
    As low as £15.95
  4. Horsepal and Horsepal App
    Horseware Horsepal
  5. Black/Silver
    Horseware Amigo Walker 200g
    As low as £82.95
  6. Horseware Mio Fleece - Navy/Tan
    Horseware Mio Fleece
    As low as £33.95
  7. Horseware Rambo Ionic Fleece - Black/Orange
    Horseware Rambo Ionic Fleece
    As low as £109.95
  8. Horseware Rambo Diamante Cooler - Black
    Horseware Rambo Diamante Cooler
    As low as £87.95

Items 1-12 of 165

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