Le Mieux Headcollars & Leadropes

Headcollars are one of the best training aids out there; they allow riders to keep a calm, controlled grip on your horse while they remain completely at ease.

At Country & Stable we’re pleased to stock Le Mieux headcollars; all made with superior nylon materials along with comfy padded nose and poll, your horse won’t feel any pressure or friction from the light webbing. They also feature adjustable headpieces and gleaming competition-worthy nickel metal fittings; and you’ll find a Le Mieux headcollar comes in a range of vibrant colours.

So shop online today for a Le Mieux headcollar at incredible prices, browse online now - or see our full range of headcollars and leadropes. And don’t skim over our FREE UK delivery on orders over £50 too!

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  1. LeMieux Loire Plaited Leadrope - Grey
    LeMieux Loire Plaited Leadrope
    As low as £12.95
  2. LeMieux Loire Headcollar - Grey
    LeMieux Loire Headcollar
    As low as £38.95
  3. LeMieux Comfort Headcollar - Black/Natural
    LeMieux Comfort Headcollar
    As low as £12.95
  4. LeMieux Vogue Fleece Headcollar and Leadrope - Black/Grey
    LeMieux Vogue Fleece Headcollar and Leadrope
    As low as £18.95
  5. LeMieux Signature Headcollar & Leadrope - Lime
    LeMieux Signature Headcollar & Leadrope
    As low as £19.95
  6. LeMieux Lead Ropes - Black
    LeMieux Lead Ropes
    As low as £12.95
  7. LeMieux Bungee Tie Ups - Benetton Blue
    LeMieux Bungee Tie Ups
    As low as £14.95
  8. LeMieux Breakaway Headcollar - Black
    LeMieux Breakaway Headcollar
    As low as £22.95
  9. LeMieux Nylon Headcollar and Rope - Benetton Blue
    LeMieux Nylon Headcollar and Rope
    As low as £23.95
  10. LeMieux Prosafe Headcollar - Black
    LeMieux Prosafe Headcollar
    As low as £29.95
  11. LeMieux Lambskin Headcollar Set - Black
    LeMieux Lambskin Headcollar Set
    As low as £24.95

12 Items

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