Rambo Stable Rugs

Keep your horse warm and comfortable even on the coldest nights with a top quality Rambo stable rug. Rambo are one of the very best ranges of stable rugs available, produced by the wonderful Horseware, so you can rest assured your horse is wearing only the very best.

Here at Country & Stable, we have a fantastic range of Rambo rugs and sheets to choose from depending on your horse’s specific needs. If your horse feels the cold or we’re in for particularly chilly weather, then we have heavyweight rugs up to 450g, whereas we also have lightweight rugs and sheets for slightly milder days. You’ll also find coolers and competition rugs, so there really is a Rambo product for just about every occasion. Many of our Rambo horse rugs come in a selection of styles and colours - browse below to find the perfect design for you and your horse.

Shop online today and enjoy our amazing prices across our whole range of Rambo products, plus get free delivery when you spend £50.

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  1. Navy/White
    Horseware Rambo Cotton Cooler
    As low as £65.00
  2. Navy/White
    Horseware Rambo Show Net Cooler
    As low as £65.00
  3. White/Black
    Horseware Rambo Techni Waffle Cooler
    As low as £47.00
  4. Navy
    Horseware Rambo Optimo Stable Rug 200g
    As low as £131.95
  5. Black
    Horseware Rambo Stable Sheet
    As low as £74.00
  6. Black
    Horseware Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet
    As low as £148.00
  7. Black
    Horseware Rambo Heavy Stable Rug
    As low as £115.00
  8. Black
    Horseware Rambo Helix Sheet
    As low as £85.00
  9. Black/Tan
    Horseware Rambo Optimo Stable Sheet
    As low as £99.00
  10. Navy
    Horseware Rambo Dustbuster
    As low as £72.00

11 Items

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