Bridles & Leatherwork

When riding, it’s essential you use quality equestrian equipment - to ensure your horse is comfortable and at ease, which will make it easier to control. If your horse isn’t happy with the gear you’re using, then it’s going to make life much more difficult for everyone involved.

Here at Country & Stable, we stock only the very best horse tack available in the UK, such as horse bridles, reins, and other leatherwork, manufactured to the incredibly high standards your horse requires. We also stock a wide range of snaffle bits, including eggbutt snaffles, D-ring snaffles, and full-cheek snaffles - from top brands including JP and Korsteel. Likewise, we have horse bridles for sale from industry leaders like Caldene, Equipe, Amigo, Collegiate, and more.

Shop for leather bridles and other horse tack online today at fantastic prices - plus FREE delivery when you spend £50.

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  1. Brown
    Equipe Emporio Rubber Reins
    As low as £52.95
  2. Black
    Pessoa Grackle Bridle
    As low as £56.66 Regular Price £62.95
  3. Black
    Pessoa Flash Bridle
    As low as £56.66 Regular Price £62.95
  4. Black
    Korsteel Rubber Curb Chain Guard
    As low as £0.95
  5. Brown
    Kincade Running Martingale
    As low as £17.95
  6. Black
    Kincade Neck Strap
    As low as £8.95
  7. Black
    Kincade Lunge Roller
  8. Black
    Kincade Leather Five Point Breastplate
    As low as £71.95
  9. Black
    Kincade Event Hunt Breastplate
    As low as £35.95

Items 1-12 of 59

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