Headcollars & Leadropes

Using a top quality headcollar and leadrope is absolutely essential when leading or tying up your horse to ensure it’s comfortable and at ease at all times. Here at Country & Stable, we have a great selection of horse headcollars to choose from, including both leather, fabric and padded styles. We even have hi vis designs for better visibility and improved safety when leading your horse on the road or in low light conditions.

Our horse head collars are from some of the most well-respected and trusted brands in the industry, including Rambo, Le Mieux, Amigo, and Horseware Ireland - so you know you’re buying real quality. Shop online today and get great prices across the whole range, plus FREE delivery when you spend over £50.

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  1. LeMieux Comfort Headcollar - Black/Natural
    LeMieux Comfort Headcollar
    As low as £12.95
  2. Horseware Rambo Leadrope - Witney Stripe Chocolate
    Horseware Rambo Leadrope
    As low as £9.00
  3. LeMieux Vogue Headcollar & Leadrope - Peacock Green
    LeMieux Vogue Headcollar & Leadrope
    As low as £18.95
  4. LeMieux Signature Headcollar & Leadrope - Lime
    LeMieux Signature Headcollar & Leadrope
    As low as £19.95
  5. LeMieux Lead Ropes - Black
    LeMieux Lead Ropes
    As low as £12.95
  6. LeMieux Bungee Tie Ups - Benetton Blue
    LeMieux Bungee Tie Ups
    As low as £14.95
  7. LeMieux Soft Leather Headcollar - Brown
    LeMieux Soft Leather Headcollar
    As low as £44.95
  8. Horseware Rambo Deluxe Leadrope - Navy
    Horseware Rambo Deluxe Leadrope
    As low as £15.95
  9. LeMieux Nylon Headcollar and Rope - Benetton Blue
    LeMieux Nylon Headcollar and Rope
    As low as £23.95
  10. Acrylic Lead Rope - Black & Red
    Acrylic Lead Rope
    As low as £3.95

Items 1-12 of 20

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