Light Weight Turnouts

Protect your horse against the elements with a lightweight turnout rug, ideal for the summer months when something heavier isn’t suitable. A lightweight turnout will keep the rain off, and will also keep your horse warm when temperatures drop, ensuring they stay as comfortable as possible.

At Country & Stable you’ll find a great selection of lightweight turnouts ranging from 0g to 200g in a variety of styles and designs, so your horse will look the part as well. We stock some of the biggest equestrian brands around, including Masta, Bucas and the Horseware Ireland Amigo and Rambo ranges - quality guaranteed, whichever when you pick. We also stock lightweight turnout rugs with necks for extra protection.

Shop online today and get great prices across the whole range, plus FREE delivery when you spend £50.

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  1. Silver
    Bucas Sun Shower Turnout Rug
    As low as £80.95
  2. Denim Blue/Lime Green
    Horseware Rambo Original Turnout Lite with Leg Arches 100g
    As low as £218.00
  3. Sea Green/Pink/Yellow
    Weatherbeeta Plus Dynamic Standard Neck 0g
    As low as £80.95
  4. Navy/Silver
    Weatherbeeta Essential Standard Neck Lite
    As low as £62.95
  5. Red/Silver
    Weatherbeeta Classic Standard Neck Lite
    As low as £53.95
  6. Turquoise
    JHL Essential Lightweight Rug 0g
    As low as £38.95
  7. Navy/Beige
    Mark Todd Lightweight Turnout Rug
    As low as £64.95
  8. Navy
    Bucas Freedom Turnout Light Full Neck
    As low as £85.95
  9. Paradise
    Bucas Freedom Turnout Light
    As low as £74.95
  10. White/Blue
    Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Shield Combo Neck
    As low as £80.95

Items 1-12 of 40

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