Whether you want additional insulation for your horse, or want to create a season-proof layering system, horse rug liners are ideal. Rug liners can be fitted underneath your existing heavier weight rug or blanket for added warmth, and separated again when temperatures thaw, so you can save on buying multiple weights. They come with fixings that clip the two pieces together, ensuring a snug fit that prevents the two items moving independently.

Here at Country & Stable, you can find a brilliant range of top quality horse blanket liners that will serve you well through winter and beyond. Available in a selection of weights, from 100g to 400g, you can give your horse the extra layer he or she needs to stay warm and comfortable. Our range of horse rug liners features leading brands such as Horseware Ireland and Weatherbeeta, so you can be assured of the best quality at our great prices!

Browse our fantastic range of under rugs and horse blanket liners online now and make the most of our FREE UK delivery when you spend £50 or over! For more, see our range of turnout rugs and stable rugs to ensure you keep your horse warm throughout the seasons.

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  1. Horsepal and Horsepal App
    Horseware Horsepal
  2. Horseware Underblanket 300g - Navy
    Horseware Underblanket 300g
    As low as £66.95
  3. Horseware Optimo Liner 400g - Black/Black
    Horseware Optimo Liner 400g
    As low as £75.95
  4. Horseware Optimo Liner 300g - Black/Black
    Horseware Optimo Liner 300g
    As low as £69.95
  5. Horseware Pony Liner 100g - Navy/Silver
    Horseware Pony Liner 100g
    As low as £35.95
  6. Horseware Optimo Liner 100g - Black
    Horseware Optimo Liner 100g
    As low as £62.95
  7. Horseware Liner 300g - Navy
    Horseware Liner 300g
    As low as £58.95
  8. Horseware Liner 200g - Navy
    Horseware Liner 200g
    As low as £55.95
  9. Horseware Rambo Duo Turnout with 300g Liner - Navy/Baby Blue
    Horseware Rambo Duo Turnout with 300g Liner
    As low as £355.95
  10. Horseware Liner 100g - Navy
    Horseware Liner 100g
    As low as £51.95

11 Items

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