If your horse feels the cold, then a rug liner will help you create a perfect layering system to keep them warm and comfortable. By using a horse rug liner or under rug, you can fit under a lightweight rug without the need to purchase a separate heavyweight one. They have fixings that clip to rug or blanket to ensure a snug fit and prevent the two items moving independently.

Here at Country & Stable, you’ll find a great selection of horse blanket liners and under rugs from some of the most trusted brands around, including Horseware, Masta and Rambo. They’re available in various weights so you can ensure your horse is nice and warm, no matter how cold it is, as well as a selection of colours, designs and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that suits your horse and your personal tastes.

Browse our superb selection of rug liners for horses today and grab a bargain thanks to our fantastic prices - plus get free delivery when you spend £50.

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  1. Horseware Underblanket 300g - Blue
    Horseware Underblanket 300g
    As low as £67.00
  2. Horseware Optimo Liner 400g - Black
    Horseware Optimo Liner 400g
    As low as £74.00
  3. Horseware Optimo Liner 300g - Black
    Horseware Optimo Liner 300g
    As low as £71.00
  4. Navy Silver
    Horseware Pony Liner 100g
    As low as £45.00
  5. Horseware Liner 300g - Blue
    Horseware Liner 300g
    As low as £58.00
  6. Horseware Liner 200g - Blue
    Horseware Liner 200g
    As low as £54.00
  7. Horseware Rambo Duo Turnout - Navy & Baby Blue
    Horseware Rambo Duo Turnout
    As low as £324.00
  8. Horseware Liner 100g - Navy
    Horseware Liner 100g
    As low as £51.00

11 Items

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