Women's Chaps

When undertaking any lengthy hack, all riders need to have leg comfort at the forefront of their minds. And a stylish, close-fitting pair of women’s chaps are a sure way of buffeting a rider’s legs from the wear-and-tear of daily fieldwork - a potential danger with strenuous exercise is that stirrups pinch and bruise the legs.

Here at Country & Stable, you’re spoiled for choice with our range of women’s chaps - breathable, stretchy and moisture-wicking we stock only the best equestrian brands like Toggi, Horseware, and Ariat. Whether it’s a contoured half leg women’s chap or the roomier full leg waterproof, you’re sure to find something that looks and feels just right.

Shop a variety of ladies’ chaps today and bring that professional grace to your riding, also take advantage of our fantastically low prices!

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  1. Black
    Mark Todd Synthetic Stretch Half Chaps
    As low as £25.95
  2. Black
    Horsewair Unisex Chaps
    As low as £30.95
  3. Black
    Horseware Unisex Air Stretch Chaps
    As low as £23.95
  4. Black
    Toggi Chelmsford Half Chap
    As low as £28.95
  5. Black
    Ariat Unisex Close Contour Chap
    As low as £144.95
  6. Black
    Ariat Ladies V Sport Chap
    As low as £129.95
  7. Black
    Horseware Tech Stretch Chaps
    As low as £32.95
  8. Black
    Horseware Nubuck Stretch Chaps
    As low as £35.95
  9. Black
    Ariat Concord Chaps
    As low as £84.95
  10. Black
    Ariat Classic Chaps III
    As low as £99.99
  11. Brown
    Toggi Wisconsin Leather Half Chaps
    As low as £53.95
  12.  Navy
    Horseware Cotton Full Leg Chaps
    As low as £39.95

Items 1-12 of 13

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